Gradoli and Farnese Palace

The path continues along the lake shore of Gradoli, where you can enjoy a series of panoramic views reflected in the clear water.
Every now and then, on the edge of the lake, you can meet a fisherman's hut and nearby - temporary resting on the shoreline or put aground on the beach - the typical fish boat of the area, with its triangular shape, flat hull, sharp bow and docked stern.
In these places, Valentano saw a countrywoman picking firewood near the church and raped her, leaving her tied hand and foot.
In the 1880s, the brigand Leonardo Sinopoli was murdered by a hail of buckshot, allegedly shot by his "loyal" friend Giuseppe Perugini, from Marta, also known as Moretto. In 1891, the two notorious brigands Ansuini and Menichetti, shot down the Carabinieri officer Sebastiano Preta while he was trying to catch them.

In the old town centre of Gradoli, there is the massive Farnese palace, designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger and ordered by cardinal Alessandro (pope Paul III to be) to celebrate the wedding of his son, Pier Luigi, with Girolama, of the noble Orsini family.
The palace hosts the Town Hall as well as the Farnese Costume Museum and the municipal library.
The adjacent parish church of S.Maria Maddalena - a Baroque building with a nave and two aisles - houses a decorated marble baptismal font and a fresco portraying a Madonna and Child, both dating back to the XVI century.among the thick woods that still surround the church of S.Magno, a few metres from the shore many brigandage events occurred, whose memory is still alive. In 1806, brigands Chiappa and Nocchia - both from Gradoli - used an unfortunate Franciscan friar riding a mule as a living target, just to test the quality of their gunpowder. Around the middle of the century, Paolo Grossi (alias Fumetta) from

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