The Brigands' Path end

The path - now almost overlooking the Tyrrhenian coast - leads to the archaeological park and to the nature reserve of Vulci, two areas preserved for the conservation of nature and history in a place where one of the most rich and powerful Etruscan cities once stood. In 1890 - at the Pozzatelle, not far from the ruins of Vulci - Luciano Fioravanti with the help of Domenico Tiburzi, not only murdered a poor man who he wrongly believed to be an informer, but he also thought it funny to go and visit his widow to tell her everything in a very detailed way.
This is the place where the Brigands' Path ends. Slightly up north, in the lands of southern Tuscany, Tuscia brigandage ended too.

Tiburzi died in Capalbio in October 1896 and Fioravanti died shortly after, treacherously murdered in the woods around Manciano by a man he believed to be a friend. When the newly created Italian State decided to take serious actions against this problem and fight it as a social evil, nobody heard anymore from the brigands of Tuscia and their accomplices.

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