Cellere and Pianiano

Domenico Tiburzi - "king of the Lamone Forest", the worst brigand of all - was born in Cellere on May 28th 1836 and lived sixty years as a criminal, until October 23rd 1896, when he was shot to death by the Carabinieri on the door of a farmhouse near Capalbio.
At the edge of the Cellere cliff, stands a fortress of medieval origins, which was enlarged and turned into a sumptuous residence by the Farnese family during the XVI and XVII centuries. Just outside the village, stands a real gem of Renaissance architecture: the church of S.Egidio by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger.

Close to Cellere we find the very small village of Pianiano, enclosed within its walls, where time seems to have stopped. Here in 1867, another bloody event took place. The notorious brigand named Veleno (whose real name was Angelo or Luigi Scalabrini) was enchanted by the woman who cared the parish priest and one day, near the fountain of Pianiano, he knocked down the priest out of jealousy and aimed his gun at his chest. Don Vincenzo Danti was however quicker than him and stabbed him in the stomach, killing him.

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