The hamlet of Centeno

The small hamlet of Centeno, once dominated by a castle, owes its name to its distance from Rome. In fact, Centeno is exactly one hundred ("cento") miles away from the capital along the route that used to be the last stretch of the via Francigena during the Middle Ages.
In recent times this route was confused with the ancient via Cassia and was at first called "First Class Imperial Road", then "State Road No. 2" and finally "Regional Road No. 2". Until 1870, Centeno was the border between the Papal State and Tuscany and therefore was seat of the papal customs with a post house and an inn.
It looks as if Galileo Galilei was hosted in Centeno in 1625 while running away from the plague in Florence and bound for Rome where the court of the Holy Office was waiting for him.

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