The reserve is in the territory of Farnese. The old part of this village seems to rise directly from the tuff rock and has still a typical medieval look.
Farnese was the birthplace of Domenico Biagini (also known as "il Curato" or "Corata"), the most loyal among Tiburzi's friends. Close to the old cemetery, which was abandoned for over a century, some of the most dangerous brigands were buried, such as David Biscarini and Vincenzo Pastorini, Giuseppe Basili and the legendary "Veleno". The old town centre is accessed by means of an arched gate. Not far, on the right stands the Ducale palace - with a nice portal enclosed by ashlar-work columns - where is the starting point of the viaduct that once led to the "Forest", the private garden of the Farnese family. Outside the old town centre, climbing the road that divides the Chigi palace - the current Town Hall - from the monumental fountain built in 1887, you can reach the storehouses of Ammasso, which host the Archaeological Civic Museum "Ferrante Rittatore Vonwiller".

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