Narni underground

Our jorney starts under St.Dominic's monastery area, the entrance is in a XIIth century church, discovered just 20 years ago.This church still preserves some of the most ancient frescos of the city. Across a passage in the masonry we can enter into a large room with a roman cistern, which probably is the remain of a roman house, a "domus".
Then, through a long strict passage, we can reach a large dark room,it was tha Tribunal of Inqusition, where the presumed heretics were put on trial. Several documents, discovered in the municipal archives, and the traces, left by the tortures instruments on the masonry, prove the exsistence of these trials.

A little cell, unique in this way in Italy, gives evidence, through several graffiti on its wall, of the pain suffered by those who were imprisoned there to be put on trial.One of theme left a message in a graphic code that isn't still complrtely decoded.
A photogaphic exibition shows the instruments used by the Tribunal to extort confessions of these who were presumed to be culprit of heresy.Our visit goes on in the underground of Santa Maria Impensole's church.We can see here some roman structures and 2 cisterns, in fact the church of VIII century was built upper a roman house, and the romanic church was built upper the most ancient church.
The tour in "Narni Underground" ends into the big cistern of the middle age "Lacus", down the Garibaldi's Square.
Roman aqueduct 'Forminà In imperial age, Narni was provided with a 13 km long aqueduct, whic overrunning through the hill's slopes, crossed three mountains , likewisetunnels and went bejond water courses over dams and bridges.Subterranea offers the opportunity to go for a walk in "Formina", the only one opened to the pubblic.
Walking inside a 700 metres long conduct, it's possible for us to understand the difficulties that the workmen had to overcome during the excavation of the rock.We can also admirewonderful concretions created by the water during the centuries .The exit is made possible through a series of stairs all around the wall of a well deep 18 metres.
A change of clothes and shoes after the visit is necessary.
The visit isn't possible for people that can't stay in very little places, and for people upper 100 Kg.
The Adventures is Assured! Period of visit 1/4 30/10 in holidays and pre-holidays only with a prenotation. Send generalities of excursionists 7 days before the visit.

Narni sotterranea
Via San Bernardo 12 05035 Narni
fax 0744/722292

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