Vico Lake - Formed approximately 700.000 years ago due to the collapse of the the Vico volcano the lake stretches over 12 square kilometres to an altitude of 507 metres above sea level. It is in the centre of a Nature Reserve that can be covered on foot, on horseback, by mountain-bike or in land-rover.

Well worth a visit are the marshy areas and the nature trails of Mount Venere and Mount Fogliano covered with giant oaks and age-long beechwoods (which the experts indicate as being a residue of the prehistoric glaciations).
Among chestnut trees and oak trees and a rich undergrowth (at least 15 species of wild orchids) live foxes, weasels, hares, martens, porcupines, dormice, badgers and wild cats.
Among the birds: the great greve, osprey and over 150 migratory species. In the lake we can see the extremely rare otters while as for lake fishes we can find great perches, whitefishes, pikes, trouts and eels.

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