Horse Riding in Umbria

The Agricontri Agritourismo riding school is located in Monte Peglia Park and offers fabulous excursions through the breathtaking countryside.
The horses are trained for American-style riding and are suitable for trekking.
The riding school works to make your dream come true with an unforgettable nature experience on horseback. We organise personalised excursions on request.
Beginners re welcome, they receive personalised lessons so that they can join the excursions.
In addition, you can also bring your own horse and join in our trips on horseback.

Azienda Agrituristica
Località Buchella, 9 - Doglio
Montecastello di Vibio
06057 - Perugia
Tel: +39 075 8749610
Fax: +39 075 8796043

Nearby Orvieto, situated between the most beautiful countryside in the Siena Province and the lushest part of Umbria "La Casella, Old Country Estate" expands over 450 hectares in the last stretch of the River Chiani Valley.

Loc.La Casella
05016 Ficulle - Italy
Tel e Fax: +39.0763.86684

Il Piancardato
Country House e Casa Vacanza
Via Piancardato, 73
06050 Gaglietole di Collazzone (pg)
Umbria - Italy

Tel e Fax: +39 075 8707267
Fax : +39 075 8707126
English Speaking:
Tel : +39 075 335 6842966

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