Umbrian events and festivals

There are many events and festivals that take place all over Umbria at different times of the year. When a town has a festival it normally becomes a very lively and festive place.
Some of the more significant festivals are listed below.
  • Castiglione del Lago: Coloriamo i Cieli - This festival takes place on even years only and is around the end of April early May.
  • Narni: Corsa all'Anello - second Sunday in May.
  • Assisi: Calendimaggio - three days in early May.
  • Gubbio: Festa dei Ceri - 15 May.
  • Gubbio: Palio dell Balestra - last Sunday in May.
  • Orvieto: Festa della Palombella - Whit Sunday.
  • Orvieto: Corpus Domini - Sunday in early June after Corpus Domini.
  • Spello: Infiorate - Corpus Domini, around late May early June.
  • Bevagna: Mercato delle Gaite - second half of June.
  • Spoleto: Festival dei Due Mondi - end of June beginning of July
  • Perugia: Umbria Jazz Festival - Every July.
  • Piediluco: Festa delle Acque - late June early July.
  • Citta dell Pieve: Palio dei Terzieri - second Sunday in August.
  • Montefalco: Fuga del Bove - ealry August.
  • Foligno: Giostra della Quintana - second and third Sunday in September.
  • San Gemini: Giostra dell'Arme - end of September beginning of October.
  • Trevi: Palio dei Terzieri - early October.

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