Out of the gate, go up through the modern part of the village and back from where you came, along the Provincial Road No. 5 as far as Castiglione in Teverina, which is built on top of a travertine spit running out into the river Tiber valley. As you enter the village, walk down along the main road and you will soon realize that buildings become gradually older as you proceed. In piazza Maggiore, where all the roads of Castiglione join together, the Monaldeschi castle with its square foundations gives you the feeling of being completely immersed in the Middle Ages. Between the city hall and the XVI century collegiate church dedicated to the Ss. Apostoli Giacomo and Filippo, the square opens its view towards east and the wide horizon of the river Tiber valley. The castle was built in the Xiii-xiv century with a four-sided plan, batter walls and four square towers at the corners and was originally protected by the side of the village by a moat and a drawbridge. The ancient part of the village is a real labyrinth made of alleys, little squares and terraces which overlook fascinating sceneries.

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