From piazza Umberto I, enter the Provincial Road No. 23 and pass the village of Grotte S.Stefano. Follow the Provincial Road No. 18 (Grottana) to the junction with the Provincial Road No. 5 (Teverina), and turn right towards Bagnoregio.
After 5 kilometres, you reach the village of Celleno. Cross the modern area and go down to the medieval quarter, which is castled on top of a tuff cliff. The atmosphere is both fascinating and desolate as this ancient quarter was gradually abandoned during the first half of the XX century. So Celleno may as well be called a "dying village", like its close "twin" Civita di Bagnoregio.

The castle, with its imposing bulk, was built in various periods between the XI and XIV century and is very well kept. It was surrounded by a moat with a drawbridge and had a four-sided plan with two towers. The bigger one was dismantled in 1675. Beyond the square stands the church of S.Donato, surrounded by deserted and ruined buildings. Since the roof collapsed, the interior is totally dilapidated and invaded by plants.

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