Back on the Provincial Road No. 5, turn right and follow the road signs for Graffignano. Just some hundred metres ahead of the village, an outstanding panorama of the Tiber river valley opens up, with the Umbrian Apennine mountains on the background. In Graffignano the Bulgarini d'Elce castle is worth a visit since it witnesses the long domination of the Baglioni family over the village. At the end of the XIV century the castle was restored and transformed into its current shape by order of pope Urban V.
It was then donated to Simonetto Baglioni as a reward for helping cardinal Egidio Albornoz during the war against the lords of Vico. The castle has a rectangular plan and was originally equipped with a moat and a drawbridge. It was also defended by a rectangular turret and two round towers at the opposite corners.
The southern tower, of the XIV century, was the largest one, and is now shorter than in the past. The northern was a smaller tower which was built later (xvi-xvii century) together with the scarps, when new defensive requirements were needed because of the advent of firearms. Originally the bastions were embattled, but the battlements were removed when the building was covered with a roof. Fortunately, the elegant corbels and the Gothic arches built in the days of cardinal Albornoz were spared.

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  1. TJLoop85  

    February 16, 2009 at 7:46 PM

    Great pic.

    I would love to see some of the close ups corbels and arches it you have any. I love old building like this with great architectural detail.

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