in Perugia
From 19 Through 22 March 2009

The event dedicated to waking up in the
morning chooses the arrival of Springtime
to relaunch breakfast
and all the good habits
that help us start the day off right

This is the first and only event in Italy focusing on the rite of waking up, meant as a fundamental moment, capable of influencing all the day's other activities.
Breakfest, planned to take place in Perugia at the time of the spring equinox, the moment of the awakening of Nature par excellence, is intended to help rediscover the pleasure of a healthy breakfast, one of incomparable nutritional – as well as emotional and relational – value, and then touch one by one on the customs and habits that make it possible to start off each day with energy and wellbeing.
Numerous studies show that an Italian style breakfast, consisting of a warm drink (tea, milk, coffee and milk, or cappuccino), a baked good (cookies, rusks, toast, bread, or cake), and a seasonal fruit, eaten calmly by the whole family together, is a gesture of love toward ourselves and our loved ones which fills the entire day with positivity,
especially when there are children in the family.
In fact, with a balanced breakfast, which provides the body with the correct glucose intake, a person's mood, attention span, and memory all improve.
This is proven by major scientific studies such as that conducted by Ulm University in Germany and Tafts University in the United States, as well as by the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research in Perth, Australia, which discovered that teenagers who eat a balanced breakfast in the morning are less subject to anxiety and stress.
The habit of eating breakfast regularly also cuts in half the risk of obesity in children (Millennium Cohort Study, University of London) and helps reduce the body weight of adults (American Journal of Epidemiology), because it helps distribute the calorie intake better throughout the day. In short, eating breakfast is good for you.
Even better if it is an Italian-style breakfast: the typical starting meal in Italy provides, in fact, 300-500 calories, equal to 20-25% of the daily energy requirement and the correct nutrient intake.

Nevertheless, only 79.2% of all Italians (istat 2008 data) eat a breakfast that is nutritionally adequate, and half of them devote less than 10 minutes to the first meal of the day, owing to a lack of time or appetite.
The goal of Breakfest – an event conceived and organized by the Sedicieventi Communication Agency (coming from the long experience of Eurochocolate), with the sponsorship of the City of Perugia and the main sponsorship of Mulino Bianco – is to rediscover the importance of this morning "cuddle", accompanied by those small pleasures and good habits that awaken the senses, the body, and the soul.
For this reason, Breakfest is planning original and fun interactive teaching paths, exhibits, seminars, and meetings with experts, tastings, guided readings, and themebased activities for young and old.
Here are some of the most significant appointments of Breakfest:
Il Risveglio del Mulino (The Mulino's Wake-up)
Every day Mulino Bianco devotes to the rediscovery of the pleasure of eating
breakfast an inviting area in Piazza della Repubblica, where visitors can start the
day by discovering, through a simple test, what specific type of wake-up they
have and, therefore, what their ideal breakfast is.
All those who take the test will
receive the corresponding Mulino Bianco "Per un gesto d'amore" (For a
gesture of love) breakfast kit and an excellent breakfast, of different kinds
depending on the test results, to be eaten by everyone all together at the large
"Mulino" Table.
Moreover, the start of a day can be smooth, cheerful, energetic, or light, and to
each of these, Mulino Bianco devotes a route winding through the old part of
Perugia with numerous different activities, an invitation to all visitors to
experience the event in harmony with the way they wake up.
Italian breakfast habits
Breakfest will open on Thursday, 19 March with the official presentation of the results of a survey on the breakfast habits of Italians, which will be followed by a discussion forum on the subject "Diet and health", with a particular focus on the importance of breakfast, which will be attended by international experts and scholars.
To better showcase the characteristics and ideal quantities to consume of the main foods, Mulino Bianco will publicize the so-called Food Pyramid which, from its base up to its top, indicates which nutritional elements, and how much, to eat for a correct diet.
Breakfest on show For the event the historic centre of Perugia will host a series of important cultural initiatives, such as the photography exhibit Mulino, per un gesto d'amore (Mulino, for a gesture of love), devoted to Italy as it wakes up and produced by major photographers in a partnership with Canon and with the collaboration of the Contrasto agency.
Coordinating the activity is professional photographer and photography teacher Erminio Annunzi.
Furthermore, on the occasion of Breakfest, Canon is promoting the Morning photography course held by Erminio Annunzi, which will teach participants the techniques to use when taking pictures "as the sun rises", and will make available for all visitors who decide to immortalize the most significant moments of Breakfest live from the event, an on-site printing lab, so they can have their photographs in real time.
Also on the subject of exhibits, thanks to the collaboration with the European Design Institute, all the objects having to do with waking up, from the coffee pot to the cups, from the alarm clock to the slippers, will be the protagonists of shows which, through innovative design projects, will describe their evolution and uses.
Lastly, the unique show Tic Tac del risveglio (The tick-tock of waking up) will mark the time by means of the most original alarm clocks and radio-alarm clocks of the past century, on display at the former Commodity Exchange of Perugia.
Il Teatro del Risveglio (The wake-up theatre) Entering the historic Teatro Pavone, in the heart of Perugia, it will be possible to take a virtual trip to discover breakfasts around the world.
In fact, in correspondence with the waking time of each continent, the theatre will feature the sounds, images, and tastes of that moment on that continent, combined with the possibility to
enjoy an excellent breakfast, choosing between the "Italian style" and the international buffets.
Also in the Teatro del Risveglio, the bed will be the protagonist of engaging appointments for young and old, such as the Letto a Castello (Bunk bed), where an original bunk bed will comfortably accommodate all visitors who wish to listen to the morning readings and the press overview.
Speaking of beds, Breakfest could not be without a huge Lettone del Risveglio (Big wake-up bed) on which to jump and have a fun-filled pillow fight among friends, situated in the centrally located Piazza IV Novembre.
Risveglio, istruzioni per l'uso (Waking up, instructions for use) Body care, exercises, and meditation, advice and pearls of wisdom for starting the day in the best possible way are offered by a series of appointments in which beauty and wellbeing are the protagonists.
a unique experience, which will involve all five senses, is that which the visitors to Breakfest may enjoy under the expert guidance of Simona Savelli, who conducts Le sensazioni del risveglio (Sensations on waking up), a sensorial path to discover unknown sensations.
On the other hand, "War on rings under the eyes!" is the slogan of the original morning beauty farm which will open for the occasion at the Centro Estetico Cacao (Cocoa Health Spa), with a rich offering of revitalizing massages, makeup, and hairdos for him and her.
For fans of gentle exercises and ancient disciplines that regenerate the body and put it into harmony with the spirit, the schedule includes relaxation and stretching
sessions to regain one's time and vital energy right from the early morning, but also
outdoor fitness sessions with all the Wake-up energy.
La Piazza del Risveglio (The wake-up square)
Countless breakfast products and objects connected with waking up will be featured in the market in the square, where it will be possible to choose from among jams, yogurts, tea, milk, cereals, cookies, butter, fruit juices, eggs, and much more.
There will also be educational activities and guided tastings for adults and children who, under the guidance of experts, will be able to learn all the rules for a proper breakfast.
And there will be an area just for children: the "Gli amici del Mulino" (Friends of the Mulino) kids area in thecentrally located Carducci Gardens, animated by a rich and continuing calendar of creative play activities centering around the theme of the morning and Sognando al Museo (Dreaming at the Museum), an initiative offered in collaboration with Post, which leads elementary school children to live the museum, not just visiting it, but also sleeping in it and, of course, on waking up, eating a rich, enjoyable breakfast all together.
In addition to milk, Breakfest shines particular focus on two other great protagonists of the Italian breakfast: tea and coffee.
The prestigious Hotel Brufani in Perugia will host FesTEAval, a series of guided tastings of the most varied types of tea and the different traditional rituals, from Europe to the Middle and Far East.
Mistress of Ceremonies will be tea lover and expert Monica Meschini.
On the other hand, coffee will be the subject of shows and guided tastings within the framework of Tutti i gusti del caffé (All the flavors of coffee) at the former Perugia Commodity Exchange.
Coffee, in fact, has numerous connoisseurs all over the world, and Breakfest will offer everyone the opportunity to become acquainted with its characteristics and the secrets to preparing an excellent cup.
Among Breakfest's special initiative, worthy of note are, on 19 March, a unique Father's Day, for an unforgettable wake-up of total enjoyment, and on Sunday, 22 March, the Great Spring Concert, which will spread through the squares and streets of the historic center of Perugia the ancient and exciting peeling of the bells, thanks to the mastery of bell-ringers coming from various Italian regions, including the Pontificia Fonderia di Campane Marinelli, from Agnone, in the region of Molise, which boasts a history more than one thousand years old.
Especially for Breakfest, the Breakfest News, the first napkin-newspaper, featuring only good news, will be published and distributed free of charge each day, to start the day with a smile.
a Few Curiosities About Breakfast in Italy
79.2% of all Italians eat an adequate breakfast: therefore not just coffee or tea,but also milk, cookies, or bread. It is a healthy habit that is more of a female one(82% of all women vs 76% of men), but also very widespread among children (93% between three and five years of age and 95% between six and ten).
Breakfast is considered more "important" in the Center (83%) than in the North (80%) or South (76%) of the country, with the empty-stomach-in-the-morning "booby prize" going to Basilicata (71%) and Calabria (72%).
(istat data, 2008) And abroad:
While nutritionists consider the Italian breakfast ideal for its balanced supply of protein, fats, and carbohydrates, every country has its own habits.
In Asia, for example, rice is the main food in almost all the countries, accompanied by meat, fish, spices, and coconut milk; instead, in Africa, breakfast varies from region to region, while in the rest of Europe, especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries and northern Europe, breakfast is rich in animal fats and protein, but poor in carbohydrates.
In the Americas, it varies from North to South: in the United States and Canada the main eating habits are those imported by the English colonists, while in Latin America breakfast is very similar to ours, with coffee and milk or tea, and sweet bread.
Lastly, in Australia, we find typically Anglo-Saxon eating habits.
Other curiosities and information on breakfast can be found on the website

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