Inside Perugia's Cathedral of San Lorenzo (Sant'Ercolano) you will find a gothic look and feel. It is divided in 3 sections by the vast arched columns and contains distinguished works of art, including Cappella del Santo Anello, preserving, according to tradition, the ring of the Virgin, the Cappella di San Bernardino; the very fine choir stalls by Giuliano da Maiano and Domenico del Tasso.

Perugia's Cathedral of San LorenzoThe Chapel of San Bernadino is one of the finest pieces within the cathedral.
It was partly destroyed due to a fire in 1985, but some healthy restoration work has been done and it is looking as magnificent as it ever did.
It alter contains one of the most important artifacts in Perugia, Federico Barocci's Deposition.

The bishop's throne designed by Ciancio di Pierfrancesco is also here.
Perugiàs most illustrious bishop was certainly Count Gioacchino Pecci, bishop from 1846 to 1878 when he was elected pope with the name of Leone XIII.
The statue by Giuseppe Lucchetti (1892) placed in the right transept is dedicated to him.
Well worth a look!

Over to the right nave is where you will see the Sacramental Chapel which was designed in 1576.
Here are the remains of Pope Martin IV who died in Perugia in 1285.
There is also the Baptistery Chapel which has a marvellous marble façade.
Whilst in Perugia, you must stop at the Cathedral of San Lorenzo to witness this magnificent structure.

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