Back on the Provincial Road No. 5, turn left and follow the road signs for Orvieto. At the crossroad, turn left again towards Lubriano. After a very short distance on the Provincial Road No. 55, turn left on the road leading to Sermugnano, which is a hamlet within the Castiglione in Teverina territory. As many other settlements of the Viterbo province, this village was built on top of a narrow tuff spit.
Despite the loss of several medieval features and the humble aspect of many modern buildings, Sermugnano boasts a millenary history. In fact, it used to be a wide proto-historic and Etruscan settlement as witnessed by many ceramic remains widespread in the territory. On piazza S.Silvestro stands the homonymous church, which was rebuilt during the XIX century on the remains of a sacred building.
The square narrows in direction of the ancient part of the village. An arch gate leads to the town centre and the castle on the south western side. The fortress was probably founded during the VIII century and then widened and changed several times. Between the end of the XVI and the beginning of the XVII century Ercole Vitozzi of Orvieto gradually transformed it into a seigneurial building.

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