Easter Events in Terni Area

Easter Events in Terni Area
Via Crucis 10 April, at 21.00
From the Church of San Francesco to the Cathedral.
Via Crucis 10 April, at 21.00
Church of Santa Maria Assunta, Church of San Giovanni (castello di Arrone), Church of Santa
Maria Assunta With costumed fi gures.
Via Crucis 10 April, at 21.00
From the Church of San Francesco to the Church of San Giovanni.
Vasciano (at Stroncone)
13 April, at 9.30 – 11.00
Procession From Vasciano to Speco Francescano di Narni.
Celebrations in Honour of The Patron Saints of Otricoli, Vittore And Fulgenzio
From 7 to 17 May
The feast of S.Vittore, the principal Patron Saint of the town, is celebrated on 14 May at 10.30 with a Mass and a costumed procession in which Saint Fulgenzio is represented by a fi gure on horseback. At 21.00 on 13 May, there is a representation of the martyrdom of the Saint at the "Ocriculum" archeological area, after which there is a re-enactment of the legend of how the Saint's remains were brought to Otricoli by boat along the River Tiber three years later.
Calvi Dell'Umbria
Celebrations For The Patron Saint
From 11 to 14 May
Celebrations in honour of S.Pancrazio, who has been Patron Saint of Calvi dell'Umbria since the year 1000. As well as the religious celebrations, the feast also includes a tournament called the "Giostra delle Contrade" which is held on 18 May at 17.00 at the sports ground in Calvi.
The "Reggenti" then offer everyone some "Tavolate", or refreshments.
A procession in costume then makes its way through the village streets.

Regione Umbria Lunedì 6 Aprile 2009

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