Fiera Verde: Tradizione e Sapori

Fiera Verde: Tradizione e Sapori
4 e 5 April
Ex Tabacchificio
Entrance free

An annual event for those who love nature and tradition and have a "green thumb". The market is held in a former tobacco factory and you can fi nd things connected with agriculture, nursery gardening, gardening and horticulture, flowers, plants, seeds and gardening equipment. You can also taste and buy traditional local produce, plus there is a section with handcrafts and hobbies. On the fi nal day, 5 April, a large market called "Fiera d'Aprile" brings the streets of the town centre to life. For information: Comune di Marsciano - Uffi cio Informazioni tel 075/8741722 e-mail: informazioni@

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