Gubbio's Candle Race

Festa Dei Ceri
Candle Race
15 May

Gubbio's Festa dei Ceri ("candle race") is an uninterrupted centuries-old tradition dating from 1160 that takes place on the eve of the feast of St Ubaldo, the town's patron saint. The "candles" are actually three enormous wooden structures each weighing about 400 kilos and crowned by statues of St Ubaldo, St Giorgio and St Antonio.
They are carried on the shoulders of the "ceraioli" and raced through the streets of the town and then up to the top of Mount Ingino, where the Basilica of St Ubaldo is situated.
The festival takes place throughout the day and spectators can easily fi nd themselves caught up in its strong mystical atmosphere. Gubbio's "ceri" appear on the Region of UmbriÀs coat of arms.

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