Important new initiatives in Umbria

At The Recent Italian Tourism Trade Show in Milan (bit - The "borsa Italiana Del Turismo"), a series of important new initiatives in Umbria were presented and these will contribute to making a stay in our region even more interesting and beautiful for tourists and travellers alike. Spring and Easter is the natural time to talk about them, and so i would just like to mention: the 16 stages of the "Via Francigena" that follow in the steps of St. Francis along the route he took to Rome, for "travellers of the spirit" in search of a different kind of tourism devoted to self-discovery; the series of carefully chosen routes that allows you to discover Umbria by mountain bike; a network of "health centres" encompassing beauty treatments and thermal baths, with an accompaniment of traditional regional food, wine and handcrafts; and last but not least, the itineraries connected to the "Land of the Etruscans" that combine the beauty of the Umbrian countryside and its archaeology. And how can we fail to mention the Giotto exhibition that is currently being held in Rome? Umbria is present in the multimedia section dealing with the frescos in Assisi, and seeing them is bound to make visitors to the exhibition want to come and see the originals. Then they can sample that unique "mix" of nature, culture and history that makes Umbria a place in which to discover "the art of living".

Maria Rita Lorenzetti
Presidente Regione Umbria
Regione Umbria Lunedì 6 Aprile 2009

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