Montefalco Cuccetta Competition

"cuccetta" competition
13 April, at 15.00 - Piazza Del Comune

The game called "Ciuccetta" is a very old popular tradition.
It is believed to have been started by a dignitary at the court of Mattia Corvino, King of Hungary, who stayed in Montefalco towards the end of the fi fteenth century. A document exists containing a description of a game similar to "Ciuccetta" and it shows two courtly fi gures playing it.
The game consists of a contest between two contenders armed with fresh eggs.
Each player has to try and break the top of his opponent's egg, but without breaking his own. If he wins, he takes his opponent's broken egg, otherwise he has to give up his own. The winner is the one who breaks the most eggs using the same egg each time.

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