Narni The Ring Race

The Ring Race
( Corsa All'anello )
From 23 April to 10 May

None of the festivals held in Narni were more splendid or lasted longer than the Corsa all'Anello (The Ring Race), held in honour of Saint Giovenale, the town's fi rst Bishop.
The competition fi rst appears in the town statutes of 1371, and it was held annually until the early years of the seventeenth century. It was revived in 1968 and stands out from other historic festivals in Italy as the one that has tried most to respect its historic tradition.
It consists of a competition of skill between the young men from the town's three ancient districts, or "Terzieri" (Fra Porta, Mezule and Santa Maria).
Galloping on horseback and dressed in costume, they have to gallop on horseback and aim their lances at the centre a suspended ring.
On the evening before the race, a large procession of figures in historical costume winds its way through the torch-lit streets decked with flags.
For the period of the festival, Hostarie (taverns) are opened and serve traditional medieval fare.

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