Norcia Festa Del Piantamaggio

Festa Del Piantamaggio
30 April - Piazza Palatina, at Capolaterra

On the night of 30 April, volunteers organized by the local tourist board plant a new May pole to replace the old one. A poplar tree is usually used, and the tree is chosen for its height. It is stripped of its bark, a symbol of purity and fertility. A leafy branch is then tied to it to symbolise the blossoming of love, and an Italian fl ag is placed at the top of the pole.
During the festival, hams and cheeses are hung from the pole and those who wish can try to climb the pole and get as many as they can. This pagan celebration goes back to ancient times and celebrates the rites of May, fertility and the rebirth of the soil.
It is an evening of great fun and conviviality.

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