Archeological Exhibition on The Two Thousandth Anniversary
of Vespasian's Birth 16 May,
Inauguration at 16.00 Museo Civico Palazzo Santi Cascia

To mark the two thousandth anniversary of the birth of the Emperor Vespasian there will be a series of events both locally and nationally. The first exhibition opened at the Colosseum in Rome, and others have been set up throughout the area of "Sabina", the name of the ancient region he came from, in the towns of Rieti, Cittareale, Cascia, Norcia and Aquila.
The exhibition in Cascia is dedicated to the findings of the studies that have been carried out since 2006 by the University of Perugia at Villa San Silvestro, near Cascia. Excavations have uncovered an area of 3800 square metres of buildings dating from the third – first centuries B.c.
The material found there will be on display in the rooms of Cascia museum in Palazzo Santi.


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