From 7 to 9 May

a commemoration of medieval and Renaissance life with processions, theatre, singing and music,
dancing, displays given by archers, crossbowmen and fl ag wavers, in a contest between the factions of "The Upper Part" and "The Lower Part" of the town in which all the inhabitants take part. It starts with the blessing of the banners in the Basilica of San Francesco (Lower Part) and in the Cathedral of San Rufi no (Upper Part).
In Piazza del Comune, the Master of the Game-fi eld takes over sovereign powers of the city for the duration of the event and Assisi's flag wavers pay homage to him with a display of their skills.
This is followed by a re-creation of mediaeval life and a contest of mediaeval games, leading to the election of the Spring Madonna.
The costumed processions representing the two Parts of the townthen arrive and their "Challenges" are read. Following a contest between the choirs of the two Parts and after the arrival of the processions, a Banner is awarded to the winner of the competition.

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