Celebrations in Honour of Saint Rita
21 And 22 May
Basilica of Santa Rita

The feast that Cascia dedicates to S.Rita is a very varied one, and moments of celebration alternate with moments dedicated to reflection and to a liturgy that is centuries old.
For example, for 300 years without interruption the local people have been holding "Saint Rita's Thursdays", when for 15 Thursdays before the feast on 22 May, meetings are held at different times of the day in preparation for the celebrations.
As a gesture of friendship, Cascia is twinned each year with a different city in Italy or elsewhere in Europe. A torch is lit in the twin city about a week before the feast of S.Rita, and runners carry it in relays until it reaches Cascia on the night of 21 May and arrives in front of the Basilica of S.Rita where it is used to light a flame. On 22 May a costumed procession makes its way from Via del Pago to the Basilica. During the celebrations, an award is made to a person who lives according the ideals of forgiveness, peace, solidarity, devotion, faith and love as exemplifi ed by Santa Rita.

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