Medieval Festival in The Village
From 15 to 17 May - Alviano Castle

A two-day festival dedicated to the Middle Ages, Bartolomeo d'Alviano, and to the castle and the museums it houses.
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From 15 May at 19.00 the taverns in the village will be open and serving dishes from the Middle Ages. In the village cellars there will be exhibitions of local handcrafts, armour and medieval costumes. There will also be processions in costume, swordsmen, music and archery. On Sunday 17 May, starting at 17.00, there will be a procession and a competition called "Palio dei Somari" to commemorate the donation of houses and land to the "common people" by the father of Bartolomeo di Alviano. In the evening, the part of the town that wins the "palio" celebrates with singing and dancing.

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