Perugia and its districts

By about the mid 11th century the town was already divided into five administrative boroughs or districts, which took their names respectively from the medieval city gates, first built in Etruscan-Roman times: Porta Sole, Porta Sant'Angelo, Porta Santa Susanna, Porta Eburnea, Porta San Pietro.
Each Porta had its own representatives, called Priors or Decemvirs, in the city government, as well as public officials such as Captains of the Porta or Chiefs of the District. From the 13th century onwards, gradual urban expansion brought about the development of a number of villages in the country outside the gates of the city, built over ancient road networks across the slopes of the hill, and resulting in a star-shaped pattern in the town's layout.
Thus, each district was traversed by a highroad which, after exiting from its own city gates, criss-crossed and safeguarded the surrounding countryside under its authority, before then joining the general road network. Each district had an ensign with its own colours and symbol: an animal, a saint, a saintly quality, or some other characteristic.
Each district was made up of a group of parishes and a monastic order: the Carmelites in Porta Sole, the Augustans in Porta Sant'Angelo, the Franciscans in Porta Santa Susanna, the Servants of Mary in Porta Eburnea, the Dominicans in Porta San Pietro. Consequently, the five itineraries proposed here correspond to the traditional routes and, as a result, cross through the ancient town districts. They begin in the historic centre and work out towards the suburbs, following historic, artistic and architectural landmarks related to the town's most important cultural events, before finally returning to the point of departure. The routes go from the north to the south of the town in an anti-clockwise direction, following the numerical order of the town's signpost system. Perugia

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