The Monastery of Farneto

The monastery of the Santissima Pietà di Farneto, located on a woody hill, is the residence of Umbria Minor Friars. It was donated in 1218 to Saint Francis by the Benedictine monks of the close monastery of San Giustino. Only a few traces remain of the ancient complex. We are not able to establish the original structure of the building as it was altered by various modifications and enlargements over the centuries.

The Monastery of FarnetoSaint Bernardine from Siena ordered a new wing of the building to be built in the XVth century. In 1705 the hostel for poors and beggars was constructed. A new dormitory for the friars was build in 1757 and it was soon after restored, in 1778. In 1762 some niches were built along the avenue of access to the monastery to mark the stages for the Via Crucis. They were completely restored in 1904. The church of "Santa Maria della Santissima Pietà" annexed to the monastery, was built at the end of 1600 over a previous medieval church with the same name. Inside the church we can admire the copies of a tryptich by Pellegrino di Giovanni and a painting of the XIIth century representing the Virgin Mary with the Infant Jesus and some scenes of the Passion, attributed to the "Maestro del Farneto". The original ones are preserved in the National Gallery of Perugia. The small chapel in the wood is the only remain of the originary age. It was built around 1300 in the place where Saint Francis used to retire in prayer.

Comune di Perugia 28 June 2009

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