San Giovanni del Pantano

As the name itself suggests (pantano means swamp), this settlement rose on a marshland probably in the XIIIth century.
In the XI and XIIth century it was already called "Pantanum". The name is due to the presence of a karst quagmire then drained by a canal which gives origin to the stream Caina. The whole area, 400 metres in diameter, was fed by sources under the river-bed.
The biggest one still remains at the north-west side. In winter it became a marshland due to the poor karst permeability. The basin looks well shaped still today and several houses has been built around it. The parish church, dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, dates back to the XIIIth century too. In that period it was under the hermitage of Monte Corona.

Comune di Perugia Domenica 28 Giugno 2009

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