San Giovanni del Prugneto

San Giovanni del PrugnetoThe church of San Giovanni del Prugneto rises on a hilly area rich in vegetation. The high pyramidal pointed bell-tower, with other four small pyramids in the corners, stands out among the green.
The church replaced the older one of San Giovanni Vecchio in the XVIIIth century. On the facade, inside the triangular tympanum there is a small niche with a majolica representing Sain John the Baptist.
Inside the church there are three paintings dating back to the XVIth century: The Last Supper, Saint George and the Dragon, The Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew. Another more recent painting showing Saint John the Baptist is attributable to Appiani. The furniture in the church is embellished by a valuable eighteenthth century organ.

Comune di Perugia Domenica 28 Giugno 2009

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