Ferentillo in Valnerina


In surroundings where nature prevails over man, with its river, green woods, narrow gorges, and seemingly inaccessible castles, the Black River Valley offers its most evocative exposition full of centuries of history and culture, above all in the Ferentillo area.
The fortresses, posted on the peaks of two rocky ridges, seem to close the valley in and they presage the distinctive features of the territory: nature, mysticism, art and the diligence of the people.

It is a way of life that deserves to be known and lived by a cultured tourism, capable of appreciating its traditions, its gastronomy and its absolute tranquility.
The town's territory is divided into the two citadels of Matterella and Precetto. It is said that its origin comes from the colonies of Ferentum (Ferentum illi) and others joined together here by Liutprando (8th century), one of the most important Lombard kings who attempted to unite, into one single kingdom, all of the Lombard holdings in Italy: Ferentillo was to have been one of the many bulwarks of his power during his attempt to impose his power upon the Lombard dukes of Spoleto and Benevento.
At any rate, it is certain that the locale developed as a defensive bulwark of the nearby Abbey of San Pietro in Valle of which it became a feudal holding.
The feudal territory had moments of great expansion and included different small villages nearby and the neighboring countryside.
In 1407, Ferentillo was sudued by Spoleto; in 1415 it passed to the Trinci family and in 1484 to the Cybo family, excluding the Abbey of San Pietro in Valle which in 1477 passed to the Ancaiani family.
In 1730 the fiefdom was sold to the Benedetti family, then passed to the Montevecchi family of Fano.The Statutes of Ferentillo of 1563 pertain to the era of the Cybo family that elevated the political importance of the territory, since they were from the Cybo-Malaspina family of ancient and powerful nobility; in 1702 they renewed and enlarged the Church of the Gonfalone and its annexed convent to establish a community of the Dottrinari Fathers of Avignon, to teach "grammaticamet humanitatem".

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