Palazzo Silvani Loreni in Ferentillo

Palazzo Silvani Loreni is situated at the foot of the castle of Matterella and faces Garibaldi Square. Built around the beginning of the 16th century, its dimensions were notable, but due to armed conflicts a part of it was destroyed, causing the loss of its vast library.
More recently the palace has undergone a careful restoration under the supervision of the Superintendent of Monuments of the Region of Umbria.
Built on three levels, the great hall is accessed via a grand staircase which opens into an atrium from which are accessed the garden and the main apartment.
The reception salon, of grand proportions and luminescence, has a pannelled ceiling, embellished by a cycle of decorations in fresco, Renaissance with classical scenes, alternated with the coats of arms of the various houses which governed the territory during the Renaissance period, Cyboe and its successors, up until the 18th century.
This edifice was the political and legislative center of the community and seat of the Governor.

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