Abbey of St Pietro in Valle

Beneath its historical, cultural and artistical profile, is a monument of great importance which attests to the encounter between Roman, Byzantine and pagan cultures.
It has an enormous documentary value for the richness and the peculiarity of its archeological and artistic treasures, and for its monastic history.
It was an important political, economic and social center of the Valle del Nera because it had, like other abbeys of the era, a vast territorial legacy and a wide-ranging control of the roads and the castles of the zone.

St Pietro in Valle
The majestic bell tower, dated to the second half of the 11th century (the same era of the sculptures of Saints Peter and Paul which frame the southern door) was redone in the Roman style with Lombard influences. In 1995 the restoration of the complex cycle of frescoes that decorate the walls of the nave was completed.
These are considered one of the great moments of Romanesque painting in Italy (dated from the end of the 7th and beginning of the 8th century).

foto di © Bill Thayer 2000 (Taccuino dell'Umbria)

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