Liguria: Rigour and Irony

Liguria’s image on the big screen has long been the purview of directors from Lombardy, among whom Liguria’s beaches have been much in vogue since the post-war period.

Apart from the rather banal ‘beach’ films, many of them have captured the essence of the region from several different points of view. The valleys and paths of mountainous inland Liguria, scene of melodrammas and neorealist stories, not to mention Genoa and its alleys, with its moods, scents and its people. What is perhaps lacking is a school of local directors, unlike the success Ligurians have enjoyed in the world of music and comedy, with the important television triumphs of entertainers such as Beppe Grillo, Paolo Villaggio and Antonio Ricci.

Certainly one of this region’s virtues has been its ability to welcome foreign film makers who have often rendered it justice with films that have shown the world the beauties of Liguria.

Beppe grillo

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