The Abbey of S. Pietro di Sorres, in Logudoro, in the province of Sassari, is an imposing example of Romanesque architecture in an original blend of island landscape and Tuscan culture. It was founded during the 11th century on an isolated hill and between 1170 and 1190 construction was continued and the buildings completed, making it into a cathedral and diocese headquarters.
Abbey of S. Pietro di Sorres The religious centre had seen a succession of roughly 40 bishops who worked to strengthen the direct relationship with Rome before halfway through the 14th century when it was abandoned by the bishops thanks to an epidemic of the plague and a general crisis.
From the 16th century onwards for three centuries the whole structure languished in ruins, used as a sheepfold and campsite by the local shepherds.
The abbey rose phoenix-like from ashes in 1950, when the Benedictine Abbey of S. Giovanni di Parma started to build a new monastery on the ruins. In 1955, when rebuilding was completed, the Benedictines returned to the island after a five hundred year absence. In 1976 the community was granted the title of abbey and had already started an intense round of studies, spiritual assistance and theological courses. Following the Benedictine rule of “pray, read and work”, the monks at S. Pietro di Sorres started an old book restoration workshop in 1971, together with a leather workshop and sales outlet. The over 27,000 books in the library are available for public consultation during opening hours.
The monastery has 54 rooms to accomodate individuals and groups who want to share the monks’ spiritual life for a few days.
The splendid basilica thoroughly deserves a visit, even if it has to be a brief one, with its two-tone fa├žade in the Pisan Romanesque tradition. The elgant interior has a central nave and two side aisles and pillars with two-colour fillets.
It houses, among other things, fragments of the original altar, a Gothic pulpit and a wooden statue of the Madonna with Child in the Spanish style.

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