Sardinian Knife Museum

In Arbus the craftsman Paolo Pusceddu, a master at producing knives according to the dictates of tradition, has opened a after years of hard work. The museum was inaugurated in 1996, in an old house that he had renovated next to his workshop. Here he has amassed a collection of finds that are the result of a life dedicated to research and contacts in this field.

Antique knives, some from the 17th century, through to some significant examples of contemporary production. Some can be considered works of art. In one room an old-fashioned blacksmith’s workshop has been reconstructured, with all the correct tools, illustrating this ancient art. There is a 19th-century bellows and other eqipment from the same period.

A curiosity: the biggest knife in the world, duly recorded by the Guinness book of records. It is 3 m long and weighs over 80 kilos.

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