Chickpea flour is a typical ingredient for many traditional recipes. It is used to make ‘tagghiulini’, pasta which is then served in broth made from the same pulses. Meat is very important in local cuisine, especially goat meat, stewed and seasoned with onions and bay leaves.

Lamb and kid are cooked traditionally, using a method that is still found throughout the Balkans; the meat is placed in wide, covered terracotta pans and cooked between two layers of glowing charcoal from a wood fire. Among the local sweets are ngute, typical Easter biscuits.
At the foot of the Sila Greca is Rossano, the world’s liquorice capital.

Obviously the name liquorice has Greek roots, it comes from glikis-sweet and rizaroot. Many products are made from liquorice, the best-known company in Rossano is Amarelli, founded in 1731.
The company also has a museum with an exhibition on the history and production of liquorice.

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