Medieval Itineraries in Puglia

Brindisi has traces of the presence of the Templars in the church of San Giovanni al Sepolcro (11C), built on the site of an early Christian church and known for its Templar knight portico, which today houses the Provincial Archaeology Museum.
Another important relic from the Middle Ages is the church of S. Benedetto, with its former monastery, founded in 1080. The church of S. Maria del Casale was built three centuries later in Romanesque-Gothic style, with its handsome façade in grey and pink sandstone.
Today the church is near the city airport, but in the past it would have been just outside the walls. Taking the road to Lecce south we come to Santa Maria di Cerrate, with its solitary abbey named in historical records as far back as 1113.
Its church is in pure Romanesque style with a totally plain façade, but there is also a splendid 13th-century portico on its lefthand side.

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