An Albanian island in the mountains between Basilicata and Calabria there is an ethnic-linguistic island of Albanian origin that constitutes a cultural melting-pot deeply linked to its roots, to which Carfizzi also belongs.
Arberesh, an ancient Albanian language, is still spoken fluently in Carfizzi, the smallest municipality in the province of Crotone. In the town it is possible to see graffiti decorations around the windows and on the house fronts.
Shawls and linen and woolen covers with Byzantine patterns are still woven using hand looms, and household items, such as straw baskets, are made by hand using century-old traditions.
The goldsmith’s art is also of importance and incorporates Oriental designs such as the jannacche, hollow spheres of gold twisted by hand used in necklaces.
Typical products are red wine, olive oil, and cheese such as ricotta, pecorino and caciocavallo. A typical dish is the furisiscka’, a soup made with courgettes and their flowers dressed with crude olive oil accompanied with hot toasted bread.
The traditional costume is the szocha, a dress of Albanian origins with hand embroidered details that the women wear on special days. In the summer there are various folkloristic events when the girls wear these splendid costumes and the gold jewellery that has been passed down from mother to daughter.
The area Situated in the Presilane hills north of the area of Marchesato, Carfizzi, which stands on a splendid hill isolated by the deep gorges of two streams, was founded in the 15th century by Demetrius Reres, a general invited to Calabria by the Captain-General of Albania to help Ferdinand I of Aragon, King of Naples, after the revolt of the feudatories who had remained loyal to the Angevins.
When the inhabitants of ancient Crisma fled from the Saracens to the mountains, they founded the villages of Carfidi, Trivio and Santa Venera, from which, in around 1530, Carfizzi came into being. The luxuriant greenery of the Montagnella park, founded to protect the Mediterranean maquis, reveals the uncontaminated beauty of the area of Carfizzi.

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