The Mamuthones is one of the most interesting archaic carnivals in the whole of Europe, which takes place on Shrove Tuesday in the old town centre of  . Apart from the floats and various other entertainments, all recent additions to the carnival, the heart of the event is centred on two closed groups of masked men: the 12 Mamuthones and the 8 Issoahodores.
They are dressed in their costumes according to a precise order which is centuries old, and which takes a very long time. The Mamuthones carry a heavy bunch of handbells and their faces are hidden behind fearsome masks: their terrifying appearance is offset to some extent by the contrast with the colourful costumes of the Issoahodores.
During the day the protagonists have no contact with the public but perform a mysterious dance, with slow solemn paces, that is drawn out until midnight. The masked figures radiate a solemn aura that is extremely moving.

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

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