Fare Night-Perugia Estate 2010

In times of crisis, the possibilities that are generally considered are two: give in to the inevitable or proudly resist. We have identified a third: re-launch. Thanks to the extraordinary response from cultural operators and private companies, various associations and citizens who are simply passionate about sounds, words and colours, we have created a summer programme packed with events linked to the great collective project "Perugia Assisi European Capitals of Culture".

A new package, "Fare Night-Perugia Estate 2010", has replaced the glorious "Tenera è la Notte", with the aim of discovering a different part of Europe every year beginning with the Balkans. We will encounter this extraordinary treasure and contradiction of our continent in a series of initiatives developed around the charismatic figure of Goran Bregovic, who is in concert in Piazza IV Novembre, on the 10th August for the "Notte delle Stelle". Moreover, music, theatre and literature are being performed as part of the project "Voci ‘e Notti - Attori improbabili in cerca di pubblico" on the terrace of Cinema Lilli, an event that can be coupled to the more traditional programme of " Palazzo della Penna presenta..." The events on offer in the Monteluce neighbourhood are new, with open-air cinema evenings and the grand finale of "Sogno in una notte di fine estate" which with art, live shows and gastronomy will conclude a summer celebration to be enjoyed as a sign of collaboration, conviviality and the pleasure of being together.

Hence, FareNight Perugia Estate 2010 kicks off the new cultural offer for the city of Perugia, which will continue on September 25th, with the inauguration of the great exhibition "Teatro del Sogno - da Chagall a Fellini" (Theatre of Dreams - from Chagall to Fellini) at the National Gallery of Umbria.

Wladimiro Boccali Mayor of the Municipality of Perugia
Andrea Cernicchi Councillor for Cultural and Social Policies
Giovedì 22 Luglio 2010

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