Umbria Film Festival 2011

Fifteen Umbria Film Festivals. This event has reached an artistic and organizational maturity that make it one of the main cultural events of our region. This has been made possible only thanks to the constant and tireless work of the Associazione Umbria Film Festival, its President Marisa Berna, the artistic director Vanessa Strizzi and all those members, i cannot name them all, who with passion and enthusiasm have continued to work to create and organize this event. To all of them goes my personal and heart-felt tank, for the passion and tenacity with which over so many years they have worked for this event. Even if it does not show, there have been and there are difficulties and obstacles that we have had to deal with in order to organize such an important event, however they have always been overcome and forgotten when on the big screen we see the images created by some many extraordinary artists who have been and will be at our Festival. My heart-felt thanks are also due to the institutions, namely the Regional Government of Umbria and of the Province of Perugia, as well as to all those companies that support us even in this moment of general extreme economic difficulties. i always hope in a time when Italy will become seriously aware of the fact that our real country does not belong to the powdered, haughty and hugely costly image that appears on television, but to the thousands of local realities in which culture represents a fundamental element in the construction of people-oriented quality of life and in the fulfilment of the rights of citizenship for those who live in these places. Nonetheless, the Festival is still here ready to give us emotions and to make us think, to make us defend even in out open-minded Region the need for a relativistic-based cultural approach in order to make us able to fight against the germs of both ideological infections and the critical anaemia that characterize our current society. a special mention is due to our friend and cocitizen Terry Gilliam. His appreciation for our Festival, for Montone and its inhabitants, that he never fails to express whenever he has the chance, makes us deeply proud and honoured of such consideration. Thank you Terry!

Mayor of Montone Mariano Tirimagni

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